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“If you want to sound Irish using your Classical Flute then this DVD is a must have. Brian McCoy will guide you in the direction of sounding like the real thing.  I think it is the best DVD geared toward playing Irish Music on the market today.”

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Thanks to Sir James Galway for suggesting and encouraging the making of this instructional DVD for “Irish Music on the Classical Flute.” Exponents of Irish Music on the Classical Boehm Flute are rare indeed:  Paddy Taylor, Paddy Carty, Noel Rice, Joanie Madden.  This DVD brings Irish Music into grasp of anyone owning a Classical Flute.

There's only a handful of flute players in the world who have mastered the complexities of playing authentic sounding Irish Music on the Classical Flute, also known as the Boehm Flute. Brian McCoy is an award winning musician, adjudicator and recording artist, who teaches and performs at top Celtic and Classical venues.  On this DVD he reveals for the first time ever the techniques previously known to only a few musicians.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll find Brian McCoy's DVD instructions easy to follow, complete with slow motion close-ups and on-screen annotated sheet music, with printable JPG files. As you watch Brian in action, you’ll get that inside look at what it takes to make your Irish Music sound authentic, and the tools to make it happen.

With proper attention, the Classical Flute can produce a rich “Irish” tone, accommodate all the specialized Irish ornaments, and propel the player into the use of key signatures seldom used in traditional Irish flute playing.

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In this DVD:

- "The Secret" techniques to Irish Flute

- Ornamentation to play with an "Irish Accent"

- Make any sheet music sound "Irish" instantly

- Learn/Practice all you need in just 6 tunes, bar by bar

- 20 tunes in total to see, hear, print, and learn

- 90 minutes of material

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